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Our Purpose

To develop and build an association of Professional Business Brokers.

To unite those Florida Real Estate Licensees who are engaged in the selling and evaluating of business opportunities and related real estate.

Adopt and promote a Code of Ethics among its Members to advance a greater understanding and awareness by its Membership as to their duties and responsibilities.

Promote harmony and cooperation among its Members in resolving potential and actual disputes internally between its Members and between its Members and members of the public arising out of a Member's activities as a Licensed Real Estate Broker specializing in the Business Brokerage Profession.

Sponsor and promote education for its Members in better methods and techniques by which to practice their chosen profession.

Provide a computerized database (MLS system) and web site of members and their business offerings and establish a database of sold business data and other statistical information to our members.

Standardize procedures and forms.

Adopt and operate a Grievance Procedure and Arbitration System to judge infractions of its rules and/or to resolve disputes amicably.

Support legislation that would enhance the professionalism and education of those involved in the transfer of businesses.

Develop and support a public website to promote Buyers and Sellers to use the association for business transactions.

Become affiliated with the strongest and most active business broker association in Florida, whose members are the cream of the crop.

Increase your networking capabilities.

Impress your clients with the Association's professionalism.

All fellow broker members of AFLBB will be able to find your full contact information and bio on the website.

Easiest to use business brokerage MLS in the state.

Early exposure to new instate arrivals, including foreign buyers who make up 20% of our MLS inquiries.

Guaranteed co-brokering with fellow members.

Comprehensive business brokerage training manual.

Draw on the knowledge and experience of some of the most senior business brokers in the State of Florida.

BROKER MEMBER: A Business Brokerage firm or a Business Brokerage Department of a real estate firm whose main office of business is in the local Region's Designated Territory. Broker Members will have representation in the Association through an Administrator who will be the qualifier of the firm. The qualifier may be the Broker or the Manager of the Business Brokerage Department. However, the Administrator shall be qualified and approved by the Region’s Directors. All Associates working under the Broker Member who participates in any way with the listing, sale, or showing of business opportunities must be a Member of the Association.

BRANCH OFFICE: A Branch Office shall mean an office which is in addition to the principal office and is owned and/or operated by the same corporation or same management as the Active or Affiliate Member. A Branch Office may join a Region even though the Corporate Office is not a Member. The Branch Office would then be considered a Broker Member as an administrator for the office. Only the Business Listings of the Associate Members of the Branch Office may be placed in the MLS Listing. The Branch Office must join the Region in the territory in which the Branch Office as a separate office is located. If the Branch Member is a member of the Region in which the Main Office is the active Member, then the Branch Member will not have any voting rights. If the Branch Member is situated outside of the territory of its Main Office, then such Branch Member will have full voting rights in Region issues. The Branch Member will pay such membership fees and dues as may be decided from time to time by the State Board of Directors. The Branch Member will not have voting rights in State issues but will otherwise be subject to all requirements for Active Members. All agents working under the Branch Member who participates in any way with the Listing, Sale, or Showing of Business Opportunities must be a member of the Association.

Vendors or its members providing products or services at a fee of $500.00, or more per quarter to the Association may not also be Broker Members due to possible conflict of interests.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER: An Independent Contractor who has his/her Florida Real Estate License placed with a Broker Member. Associate Members must have on file with the Association a registration and must have paid all dues and fees as determined by the State Board of Directors. Associate Members will only have representation in the Region through their Broker Members Administrator.

AFFILIATE MEMBER: A professional or an organization whose business is related to the transfer of businesses from seller to purchaser. The classifications may include, but is not limited to, attorneys, accountants, title companies, lending institutions, business appraisers, associations, franchisers, etc. Affiliate Members will not have representation in the Region, but will be entitled to have one member of its organization attend general meetings of the Association. The Affiliate Member will have the right to receive all the services and information available to Broker Members upon payment of the applicable fees. An Affiliate Member may serve on committees with the approval of the State Board. They specifically are not entitled to access the Multiple Listing Service data. Affiliate Members will also adhere to the Code of Ethics for the organization.

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